First show! Shangang High end Low Temperature Resistant H-shaped Steel

In late August, the S420MLO hot-rolled H-beam of Shandong Steel Laiwu Branch was officially awarded the ABS Classification Society factory certification certificate, marking another breakthrough in the research and development of Shandong Steel's 420MPa high-end low-temperature resistant hot-rolled H-beam for marine engineering. As of early October, the company has completed the production of over 4000 tons of S420MLO hot-rolled H-beam orders, and the products will be used in the world's largest offshore floating natural gas liquefaction project, which better meets the iterative upgrading of equipment manufacturing for downstream marine industry chain enterprises.

With the diversified, multifunctional, large-scale, and lightweight development of marine engineering and shipbuilding equipment both domestically and internationally, the upgrading of traditional products urgently needs to be addressed. The successful development of 420MPa grade high strength and toughness low temperature H-beam not only significantly improves the safety service capacity, but also increases the equipment bearing capacity and reduces the amount of steel used, providing advanced steel material support for the lightweight and green development of equipment manufacturing in the marine and shipbuilding fields.

The research and development team of H-beam technology at Laiwu Branch of Shangang Group has focused on core key technologies, and has successively overcome common technical challenges in the industry, such as strong sensitivity to casting billet cracks through multiple microalloying processes and difficulty in balancing the strength and toughness of hot-rolled H-beam. After two months, we have completed the entire process of research and development, trial production, batch production, and ABS certification of S420MLO high strength and toughness hot-rolled H-beam, shortening the industrial production and classification society certification cycle by more than four months, and promoting high-end products to the market with high efficiency.