The 180mm thick high-grade and thick FH785 offshore steel plate of Hegang has achieved its global debut

Recently, the research and development of 180mm thick high-grade and large-thickness FH785 offshore steel plate has been successful at Hesteel Wugang, achieving the "domestic debut" of this new product of high-grade, high-strength, highly innovative, and difficult offshore steel.

This breakthrough in foreign monopoly products has also become another witness to the continuous improvement of the R&D and production strength of high-end marine engineering steel materials at Hegang

The use of steel in ocean engineering is a material prerequisite for expanding ocean space and developing ocean resources, as well as a material guarantee for enhancing ocean defense strength and safeguarding ocean rights.

High grade and thick steel for marine engineering is mainly used in large marine equipment such as offshore oil production platforms and wind power installation ships. With the deepening of the working sea area, marine equipment needs to withstand harsh service environments such as sea waves, ocean currents, and atmospheric erosion. Therefore, the thickness, strength, and toughness levels of the steel plates used are gradually increasing. Previously, special steel grades such as high-grade special thick plates for key parts of offshore construction steel in China still needed to be imported. To break the monopoly, Hegang relies on national major special projects to develop high-level and thick FH785 offshore steel.

High grade and thick FH785 marine engineering steel plate is a new type of environmentally friendly steel material used in marine engineering. It has super strong impact resistance and ultra-high strength, and its strength and toughness are twice that of conventional marine engineering steel. Compared with other advanced marine steel plates, high-level and thick FH785 marine steel plates are easy to weld and process during the processing, can also accelerate the manufacturing process, reduce processing costs, and are currently a popular direction for production and research in the same industry at home and abroad. The high-level and thick FH785 offshore steel plate has a thickness of 180 millimeters, a yield strength of 785 MPa, and an impact energy requirement of -60 ℃ low-temperature toughness. It is currently the highest level and maximum thickness that can be achieved by domestic large-scale offshore steel plates, and has high requirements for technological innovation, equipment utilization, and quality control