The 2nd China Green Steel International Summit in 2023

      Steel is the most commonly used metal in the world today, widely used in infrastructure construction and the production and manufacturing of products such as machinery, automobiles, aircraft, ships, and household appliances in various countries around the world. However, with the establishment of net zero emission targets by governments and industries in various countries, the emission reduction and carbon reduction of the steel industry has also become a focus of attention. According to the World Steel Association, the steel industry accounts for 7% to 9% of global carbon dioxide emissions. In the context of dual carbon emissions, as one of the high carbon emission industries that is difficult to reduce emissions, the steel industry is facing enormous challenges and pressure due to tight schedules and heavy tasks. However, the highly recyclable green properties of steel materials also make them the engine of a green economy, supporting and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of multiple industries and economies.

      The second China Green Steel International Summit in 2023 will focus on innovation in energy and raw material structure, low-carbon innovation in traditional blast furnace technology routes, new carbon emission reduction technologies such as hydrogen metallurgy, carbon dioxide capture, utilization or storage technology (CCUS), and deepening the digitalization of the steel industry from the perspective of the entire industrial chain of the steel industry, Provide comprehensive energy-saving and carbon reduction ideas and references for relevant experts and leadership representatives in the steel industry, in order to better achieve the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of our own enterprises.

Meeting time/location/organizer

September 21-22, 2023/Shanghai, China/ECV International

This meeting will be held simultaneously online and offline

hot topic

Challenges and Opportunities of Green Steel

Green, low-carbon, and intelligent transformation of steel enterprises

Role and potential of hydrogen in carbon neutrality process of steel

Hydrogen rich carbon cycle oxygen blast furnace technology to achieve green low-carbon smelting

Development and Practice Path of Pollution and Carbon Reduction Technology at Ansteel

Optimizing Steel Rolling Technology to Assist Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in the Steel Industry

Hydrogen based direct reduction iron steelmaking

Scrap steel recycling to reduce carbon footprint

Group discussion: Cross industry collaborative production and low-carbon empowerment, comprehensive low-carbon transformation of society

Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) Technology and Its Application Route in the Steel Industry